Thursday, October 20, 2016

Opportunity at the British Council/ Programme Coordinator

Dear Madam /Sir,

We would like to inform you that the British Council is currently participating in a public tender to deliver the project “Planning, Implementation and Evaluation of an Teacher Training Course in English Language for 79 public teachers in Peru” with the Peruvian Ministry of Education (“Planificación, Implementación y Evaluación de Curso de Capacitación Docente en Dominio del Idioma Inglés a Nivel MCER B1 para 79 docentes formadores de la Carrera de idiomas, especialidad: Inglés de los Institutos de Formación Inicial Docente Públicos del País” in Spanish).

In that sense, we are looking to fulfil 1 vacancy for the post of “Programme Coordinator”, whose main responsibilities would include:

The requirements for the position are the following:

1.      Bachelor or Licenciado in Education (supported by a certificate or document).
2.      Level of English MCER B2, C1, C2 or native English speaker (supported by a certificate or passport, respectively).
3.      Diplomado or certificate in educational technologies, virtual platforms, online tutor or moderator or similar.
4.      Signed attached template (legalized by local notary) detailing certifications and experience and showing interest of working as a virtual tutor in case the British Council is chosen to deliver the project.

Liza, Fiorella (British Council)

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